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SUBSCRIBE NOW to see what difference this service can make to you. is a service of Peony Online, Inc., the world’s first online metal information provider. It offers a full spectrum of information on primary and scrap metals, including
1) Peony’s C/B/E (Consumer Broker Exporter’s Prices), which is the most authoritative and widely used scrap metal pricing report in North America. Its interactive nature has enabled thousands of transactions to take place since its inception in 1993.
2)Peony Instant Quote (IQ), a 24/7 service that allows users to post metals and non-metal materials as often and as many as possible. It also features customized platforms to promote users’ companies and products.
3) live LME/Comex exchange data, Shanghai metals and India metals closing prices, charts and news, a service known for its comprehensive information, accurate data transmission and user-friendly display. It is the least expensive service of its kind in the marketplace.
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Peony Market Reports

Peony’s LME/Comex Market Reports (one-page in PDF format) provide an overview of the day’s market activity. They are published and posted to Peony's website three times a day: 8:45 am US EST, 11:50 am US EST and 2:05 pm US EST.

Peony’s Market Reports are extremely popular because of the selection of the information contained and the way they are compiled. For those who are not in front of a computer all day but still want to stay up to current, these "print-to-go" reports have proven to be the most convenient way to follow the market.

All three reports (Morning, Midday and Afternoon) contain LME and Comex prices in US dollars per metric ton and cents per pound, differences from the previous day’s closings, as well as highs and lows traded in the day’s sessions. Each report also includes Peony’s proprietary commentaries and analyses, discussing causes and factors that contribute to the rise and fall in prices and forecasting movements and trends in upcoming sessions. Also published in the reports are LME and Comex inventory data, charts and tables, Englehard and Handy & Harman precious metal prices, crude oil prices, Peony’s High Grade Copper Scrap Indices, major currency exchange rates and etc.

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