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SUBSCRIBE NOW to see what difference this service can make to you. is a service of Peony Online, Inc., the world’s first online metal information provider. It offers a full spectrum of information on primary and scrap metals, including
1) Peony’s C/B/E (Consumer Broker Exporter’s Prices), which is the most authoritative and widely used scrap metal pricing report in North America. Its interactive nature has enabled thousands of transactions to take place since its inception in 1993.
2)Peony Instant Quote (IQ), a 24/7 service that allows users to post metals and non-metal materials as often and as many as possible. It also features customized platforms to promote users’ companies and products.
3) live LME/Comex exchange data, Shanghai metals and India metals closing prices, charts and news, a service known for its comprehensive information, accurate data transmission and user-friendly display. It is the least expensive service of its kind in the marketplace.
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Currency Exchange Rates

Whether you are an exporter trying to negotiate the best price for an overseas client or scrap trader or processor who wants to see the standing of the U.S. Dollar, the Currency section of the website provides subscribers with valuable information. Because metals commodities are traded in U.S. dollars, knowing the U.S. Dollar’s standing against foreign currencies gives people dealing in scrap metal a good idea of the prices of scrap metals; a stronger dollar will put downward pressure on metals pricing while a weaker dollar would have the opposite effect. The currency section of the website gives users the latest conversion rates between the U.S. Dollar and 55 of the world’s most active currencies.

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